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1. This Festival is open for smartphone film makers from all over the world.

2. The FILM MUST BE SHOT ENTIRELY ON A MOBILE DEVICE (smartphones, tablets) in HD video. DSLR, compact cameras or hybrid android cameras are NOT ACCEPTED.


3. Additional production equipment, lights, Tripod, Boom, sound equipment is permitted.

4. Any software to edit video (on the smartphone or a computer) and audio as well as colour correction or special effects is allowed.

5. Multiple mobile devices can be used, but NO NON MOBILE FOOTAGE may be included.


6. We welcome submission in ANY LANGUAGE, but subtitles in English are mandatory (films in English don't need subtitles).


7. All Entries submitted must be an original production. Copyrighted material is NOT accepted unless there is a written permission to do so (ISFF is not liable for any copyright material unlawfully used)


8. Submissions must have full clearance for all content before submitting it. Any issues that may arise due to the infringement of copyrights is the Applicant’s sole responsibility. The iSmart Film Festival and its sponsors and members are not responsible for any infringement of copyrights.


9. By Submitting to the iSmart film festival participants agree to the reproduction and dissemination of their films for the display and promotion of the festival (Media, film festivals and TV)


10. We will publish all films on our website & social pages to get public votes, it will give you more support to win Smart Oscar Award.


11. If you give us NDC (Non disclosure contract) then we can upload your video on our youtube channel on revenue sharing basis.


12. It is allowed to enter multiple films.

13. Vulgar, offensive, porn, nudity or extreme violence is not allowed. Respect other artists by not using media of any kind without proper licenses, permissions and clearance.


14. Raw Footage Proof (your Film will be disqualified if not submitted):
One 30-second raw footage (or more if requested) used in the final cut of the film, uncut and unedited for the full duration of 30 seconds or longer, Behind-The-Scene (BTS) Photos/Videos of various scenes used in your Film.


15. To Submit 'Raw Footage Proofs' and 'BTS Videos/Photos', the Applicant must:
Go to: --> Add Files --> Send files to in Friend’s email Box --> Type in your personal email --> Subject Title: Raw Footage Proof & BTS and in Message Box: Title of Film, Name of Director, Duration, Country of Production, Name of Smartphone/Tablet - Click Transfer


16. Applicants must test their files and/or links thoroughly before submitting them. If ISFF is unable to view the Film, ISFF will attempt, but is under no obligation, to contact the Applicant in order to obtain a replacement.


17. ISFF does not confirm receipt of submissions. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the submission procedure is complete and that the screener has been received by ISFF.


18. We prefer (.mp4) (.mov) files. (FULL QUALITY (1080HD) video in widescreen format – adjust settings if you need to)


19. Only films we are able to download full 1080HD before the selection deadline will be selected. Horizontal full screen only.


20. Submitting is easy! We only accept submissions through FilmFreeway and we must download the films, once selected, from FilmFreeway.


• Film (Submit via FilmFreeway)
• Submission Form (Complete & Submit via FilmFreeway)
• Short Biography of Director (Submit via FilmFreeway)
• Synopsis of Film - max. 200 words (Submit via FilmFreeway)
• Youtube or Vimeo link on custom form


22. Please respond to email requests in order to qualify even after films are selected. We also require permission to download films from FilmFreeway and "stream" them from Vimeo or YouTube during the film festival.

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