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Share your work, your way.

Take control of your business video content.


Enable your business to produce high quality, low value video content whenever its required

What we do

Video drives engagement- We want to let you tell your own story


Video is an easy way to visually introduce, inform or promote your business to your target audience. It's your story-why do you need to depend on expensive third-party companies to help you tell it.


Let Film Smart show you the simple tools at your fingertips to allow you to create your own compelling high-quality video that will build audience trust and resulting in success for your business.

​We will give you the skills to use your mobile phone to plan, film and edit video giving you complete control over your own video marketing.


Save Money

No longer do you have to outsource your video production to expensive third party companies. 

We teach you how to make high quality in-house video content for free using the camera you have in your pocket


Save Time

Video production doesn't have to be complicated.

We will take you through a simple step by step process to plan, shoot and edit your content. All this made fast and simple with minimum equipment.



video production a complicated. Phones demystify the process making video production accessible to everyone.

We teach you the tools available at your fingertips to make your own pro-video and build your confidence behind the camera.

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