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By entering the festival, you agree and abide by the terms and rules written here.

I swear to submit to the following set of rules written and confirmed by iSmart Film Festival:

ALL cameras used must be basic smartphones, tablets or sports action cams (gopro)

Story, art and ideas are the focus of the film

If needed, special or visual effects and graphics shall be used intelligently to enhance the story or the art

The film is a genuine attempt to express something new, unique or personal

All work is exclusively that of the film makers, except where written permission is given

The film must not contain zombies of any kind, slow or fast

Credits will be as short and brief as possible

Any crew are to be treated as hard working equals and respected as such

I have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the iSmart Film Festival

Additionally I agree as a filmmaker to enter into the spirit of the festival and strive to put creativity before expensive equipment. My audience are not cattle, they are my equals, intelligent and curious beings, there to be engaged, moved and enlightened. My ultimate goal is to seek and tell a story that has not been truly told, in a way only I can, with the simplest means available.

Hereby I agree to the iSmartFilms Festival


Be prepared to print (or write), sign and mail the above document if you are successful with your submission.

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