Students will work with a number of Smartphone apps and create short mobile-mentaries (mobile documentaries) and viral videos. A courses will include ideation, mobile storytelling, technical and filmmaking tips and advice in a hands-on session.

Workshop requirements

Students to bring their own pocket cameras, mobile and smart phones

Our Trainers

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Film Making Course Outline

  • Film and edit video on the smartphone
  • Produce video for social platforms
  • Image dimension and aspect ratio
  • Select the best gear and apps
  • Learn shot patterns that simplifies video filming and editing
  • Cut, Crop & Digital effects with your smartphones
  • Learn How to Connect a Tripod and Microphone to Your Device
  • Learn What Apps are Best for Video Production
  • Learn the Art of Cinematography with your Smartphone
  • How to Conduct an Interview.
  • Composition & Framing
  • Shot Sequencing
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Mobile Journalism Course Outline

  • Master the camera and the technology
  • How to tell a visual story
  • Learn the critical angles and shots for video sequences
  • Basic lighting for interviews
  • Story planning and scene storyboarding
  • Learn how to produce NPR-style audio reports
  • Video for live events
  • Understand common edits
  • Recording voice-over narration
  • How to prepare and conduct interviews
  • How to film VOX pops
  • Capturing and building natural sound assets
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  1. Videos are the easiest way to communicate.
  2. Video making leads to citizen journalism & Mobile journalism, It helps create jobs in different TV Channels & Online Portals.
  3. Sometimes talking about issues can be confronting but showing videos is easy way to get the message across.
  4. These videos will be send to International Film Festivals & creates a bigger impact.
  5. More girls will be interested due to the interesting concept when they see mobile phones and the gadgets.


  1. Self confidence
  2. Tec savvy
  3. Will be able to make money
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