Be a part of Asia’s first Pocket Cinema Film Festival, Mark your calendar for viewing of films and make it a successful event with iSmartFilms.

  • The festival will be held for for 9 days at 15 different locations in Karachi
  • The festival will start in the morning by 12noon and end at 11pm
  • The proposed venues will be converted into a screening zone showcasing both international /Pakistani  films and Documentaries made from smart phone
  • Film screening and workshop schedule will be available at the venue and will also be printed inside Newspapers and magazines
  • The enrolled movies have been divided into categories that cater to health, education, women rights, environment, behavioral sciences, youth development, racial discrimination, communal /societal ethics,  law & order and significance of peace
  • The screening of participating films from Pakistan will be conducted at 15 different venues across Karachi at venues of repute starting from December 11 till December 18th whereas top 10 films along with screening of international films will be conducted on December 19th
  • The event will be managed by a team of volunteers who will be wearing branded attire that will also carry logos of participating sponsors
  • The mood of festival will be that of an International film festival highlighted via festive banners , hoardings, red carpet entrance at venue, celebrity picture walls, backlit picture boards panel of experts
  • The event will be caped by an award ceremony for participating films and these films will be judged by a jury of professionals

pockcinemaff copy

The list of subjects and timing are as follows, Screening will start from 12noon till 11pm

  • Education       12noon to 1pm
  • Health, HIV & Aids   1pm to 2pm
  • Women Rights & Empowerment   2pm to 3pm
  • Youth Development & Leadership     3pm to 4pm
  • Peace, Interfaith, Inter-cultural       4pm to 5pm
  • Building Community & Society         5pm to 6pm
  • Ethics                                     6pm to 7pm
  • No to Violence & Crime              7pm to 8pm
  • The Environment                      8pm to 9pm
  • No to Discrimination                9pm to 10pm
  • Teen’s Behavior                    10pm to 11pm
The festival presents an ideal opportunity to clients for the following, [Enclosed is the proposal & media kit]

  • Sponsorship
  • Enhance Visibility & Awareness
  • Ownership of a platform
  • Participation in an event that is happening for the first time in Pakistan
  • Opportunity of barter with service or product for festival and award night
  • Brand registration and association

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